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This site is the source for all Milford  School's technology information, including B.Y.O.D., AUP requirements, links to recommended software, resources for parents, and answers to frequently asked questions.

MEVSD Long Range Plan - Technology
We will develop and execute plans that consistently move us toward anywhere/anytime learning for all staff and students.

Your Google Apps

How to log in, information about the pilot program, and Google's Online Training Program.


How to and what to install before you bring in your personal computer to school.

Register Your Device:

Bringing in your personal laptop to school?  
Register it here first! 


Resources for Parents of Tech Savvy kids

Resources include Best Practices for kids on the internet and responsible use of your computer.


Laptop Care

How to protect it and make it last multiple school years.

Parent and Student Technology Handbooks

All students are required to read and sign the student handbook before bringing in a laptop or other device.

Purchasing a Device that's best for your Student and your Budget

What  to Buy? Laptop, Netbook, tablet, or Mac. We help you choose what's best  for your student and your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers for students and parents most asked questions.

Contact Us

Send us an email or give us a call - we're here to help!

Empowered Learning BYOD Student Handbook
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