Graduating Students: Save your high school work by July 1st!

 to get your Google Apps and your zDrive files after graduating.

Taking your Google Apps With you

Milford Graduates:

Milford Schools offers multiple ways for you to take your Data with you. You will have until July 1st after graduation to gather your data and extract it. These processes allow you to download your data at home to a flash drive or local hard drive, you can then put your files wherever you want them.


Downloading Data from Google APPS

·         Log into Google Aps at

·         Create a new folder (Create, Folder) and name the folder., Click create.

·         Use the MOVE option to Move all files you want to keep into this folder.

·         Select the check box to the left of the folder


  Select MORE (Dropdown window at the top)

·         Select download

·         Select the CONVERSION Options

·          (Convert to Microsoft Office is recommended.)

    For other Google Apps Data, check this support article at


May 15, 2013, 3:20 PM