Laptop Care

Laptop Care for Students

Rules all  of us should follow

  • No heavy books on the laptop
  • Grabbing it by its screen is a bad idea, hold it at its base
  • Never leave it in a car. Rapid temperature changes can damage it. Never turn on a super cold laptop! Wait until it comes to room temperature
  • Try to never shut papers or other items between the screen and the keyboard
  • Don’t eat or drink while using it, and make sure your hands are clean
  • Be patient and don’t yank out flash drives, learn to properly shut down to avoid hard drive damage
  • Keep your laptop in a school approved laptop bag
  • Never leave your laptop running on a blanket, bed, or soft surface. It will overheat. Turn it upside down to let heat escape on carpeting or other soft surfaces
  • Consider insurance for the laptop, especially the first year. Check with your homeowners insurance to see if it is covered or purchase laptop insurance through the manufacturer.

  • Laptops should never be carried in a backpack with other school items. Get a cool laptop sleeve with a carrying strap.

  • Don’t leave it anywhere unattended. Lock it up before you take off for practice or lunch.
  • Put a password you will remember on it, and NEVER give a friend a password.
  • Install free anti theft software on your laptop in case it does wander off. One great tool is . Check out
  • Put your name on it with tape, or a neat luggage tag. Put your name on the charging cord, and zip tie each piece of the cord together. Always have your cord in your laptop sleeve.
  • Bring your laptop to school fully charged each day.

  • Register your serial number and model number with MJHS, in case there is ever any confusion whose it is.
  • If you decide to put a skin on your laptop make sure it passes the school code and AUP for appropriateness. This applies to desktop backgrounds and screensavers too.
  • Finally, take your laptop home every day. Don’t leave it at school in your locker.

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