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Before You Bring Your Laptop to School

Milford School's Basic Toolkit

Milford EVSD is excited to begin allowing all students 7-12 to bring their own personal devices, including laptops, into the MEVSD system. Before you can bring your laptop to school there are a few steps that need to be taken to make your machine ready for a great experience. This document is a brief description of the basic software needed for your device.

First, let’s make sure you have all of your important Microsoft updates on your machine. You may have to run this a few times to get caught up on updates, and you might have to restart your machine a few times. It’s OK. This needs to be done whether you use your laptop at home or at school.

Start your Windows  Updates.

Windows Update

While you’re installing your updates, let’s label your device. You need to be able to quickly identify your machine from everyone else at school. Since you are not allowed to bring your backpack to class, make sure you have a protective sleeve for your computer. Please take the time to place a piece of masking tape on the underside of your computer and write your name on the tape. Do this with your charger as well, and zip tie your charger and cord together so they will never be lost or separated. Always bring your charger to school with your laptop. Don’t forget to mark your sleeve with your name too!

Once you are up to date with Windows Update, make sure you have virus protection installed. Some popular paid products include Kaspersky, and Trend Micro which are more robust than freeware. AVG, and Microsoft Security Essentials are free.

Now Let’s Check Your Software:

This first group is a collection of free, required software and plug-ins that should be installed on the student’s laptop to make sure they are compatible with all the software we run within the district. You will find that you may have many of these installed already. Please click each of them to update, re install, or install for the first time.

(please note: It is best to uncheck any optional install boxes when downloading these tools)

Adobe Flash
Adobe Reader
Adobe Shockwave
Adobe Air

Download Silverlight
Java Download

     Laptop toolkit


for Windows installations


required on all student laptops

recommended software

shortcuts on the desktop


Adobe Shockwave


Progress Book 

Adobe Flash


Math XL


Adobe Reader

MovieMaker 2.6

Read 180


Adobe Air

Microsoft Office 2007

Kuder Navigator



or Open Office




Google Chrome

Discovery Streaming


IE 10

Pearson SuccessNet

Windows Media Player


Digits- My Math Universe




MJH Homepage

This next group of software is recommended but not required. Most, but not all, are free. Free applications are noted with an *.

Microsoft Office 2007 (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.)

Open Office * (free version productivity suite like Microsoft Office)

Movie Maker2.6 * (note: Movie Maker LIVE is not an MEVSD approved product. Though it may be on your Windows 7 laptop, please install MovieMaker 2.6. They can both be installed on one laptop without issues.)

Audacity * Software for recording and editing sounds

PhotoStory * (free once validated) Photo editing software

OpenDisc * High Quality Open Software for Windows
Now let's prepare to connect your device to the Milford Campus wireless network, EagleNet. Taking this step before you get to school, will allow a quick and smooth connection the first time you bring your device on campus.
Lastly, make sure you have reread your signed Student AUP agreement and have read the new Laptop Student Handbook as a family. This is where you will find all the rules for a successful start to the school year and it will outline all the rules you need to know to make bringing your personal device to MJH a success.

~Thank you student and parents for contributing to this exciting program!

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